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Yates BlueWater II 7/16 Inch

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Contact and Other Info
  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

Yates BlueWater II 7/16 Inch Info

Similar to our NFPA rope using nylon fibers in the sheath yarns. Its 100% nylon construction is desired in more alkaline/basic environments found in bridge and dam construction, caving and rappelling. Double twist cabled nylon sheath and a double twist cabled nylon core insures durability.

Rope Cutting Charge: $5.00 ea. Standard spool length 600 ft.

Ropes cut under 150 ft will be subject to an additional 10% surcharge.

Yates BlueWater II 7/16 Inch, Specifications

Color: Gold w/Blue
MBS (lbf/kN): 6500/29
WLL*: 433

Yates BlueWater II 7/16 Inch, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: 1250
      Description: BlueWater II 7/16 Inch, sold per foot gold w/blue