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Yates ArmorTech Technora

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

Yates ArmorTech Technora Info

A new concept in rope, designed for high heat situations such as welding. Slag actually bounces off! The unique design of BlueWaters Armor Tech rope also gives it excellent cut resistant properties, advantageous in rock scaling and construction applications. Essentially a rope in a rope, it is constructed by braiding a Technora sheath over a kernmantle rope. Even after complete failure of the Technora sheath, the underlying rope still maintains its full strength(1/2" Model only). 1/2" Model certified to NFPA 1983/2006 ed. Light and General use. 10.5mm ArmorTech is designed more like a traditional rope using a Nylon core but with a braided Technora sheath. Designed to be used with Petzl Stop descender and Shunt for rope access techniques.

13mm (1/2 inch):
MBS (lbf/kN)=10113/45

MBS (lbf/kN)=8000/35.5

Rope Cutting Charge: $5.00 ea. Standard spool length 600 ft.

Ropes cut under 150 ft will be subject to an additional 10% surcharge.

Yates ArmorTech Technora, Specifications


Yates ArmorTech Technora, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: 1426
      Description: ArmorTech Technora, 1/2 inch, per foot
    • Item No.: 1427
      Description: ArmorTech Technora, 10.5mm, per foot