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Unifire Advanced Special Ops Blade

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Unifire Advanced Special Ops Blade Info

The Unifire Special Ops circular saw blade provides you with the ability to safely and quickly cut through a multitude of materials. With this blade you can cut through brick, 5000+ PSI concrete, ductile iron, cast iron, asphalt, metal, steel, rebar, reinforced concrete, stone, block, and more.

This blade is available in 12", 14", and 16" sizes and come standard with a 1" arbor and a 20 mm arbor bushing for those with saws that do not accept 1" arbor blades.
This blade's segments are larger with harder diamonds, tightly packed within the segment to provide a better cutting surface. This along with an optimized gap between segments provides you with the ability to cut harder materials, faster, and for much longer periods than other diamond blades.

This blade provides you with three different segment styles. The standard looking segments are relatively smooth on the top and sides and cleanly cut the material they come in contact with. There are also turbo segments which assist the standard segments by cutting on the top, but they also have relief cuts on the side which provide a space to clean out the cut of debris and slurry. The final segment looks much like the standard segment, but is placed deeper in the blade. This deeper segment provides protection to the blade as it keeps the blade from warping and binding.

The core is make of tempered plate which prevents warping. The special ops blade is also equipped with cooling holes which provide cooling and slurry clearing properties.

Unifire Advanced Special Ops Blade, Features

    • Harder diamonds to allow quicker cutting and longer blade life
    • Optimal gullet size for cutting metal and concrete
    • Shallow gullet prevents kickback and helps set depth of cut
    • Speed Segments
    • Usable wet or dry

Unifire Advanced Special Ops Blade, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: ASOB-12A
      Description: Unifire, 12quot; Advanced Special Ops Blade
    • Item No.: ASOB-14A
      Description: Unifire, 14quot; Advanced Special Ops Blade
    • Item No.: ASOB-16A
      Description: Unifire, 16quot; Advanced Special Ops Blade