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Technical rescue is the act of saving property or lives by using skillsets and technical rescue gear that exceed the standard skills for rescue, fire fighting, and medical rescue. Many technical rescue teams work with multiple groups operating together to the goal of a successful rescue. The advanced skills included in technical rescue and requiring technical rescue gear are confined space rescue, ski rescue, cave rescue, swiftwater rescue, extrication, building collapse, and rope rescue.

Technical Rescue gear used in technical rescue operations can range from a standard hammer to a hydraulic spreader. Our hope is to provide the technical rescue personel with the high quality technical rescue gear they may need for any operation and the training on how to successfully use their technical rescue gear. Youll find anything from a simple Stanley hammer to high performance shores from Airshore. If there is technical rescue gear that we dont currently have available on the website, please call 509-444-6990 or email with your requirements.

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