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Sterling Rope RIT 900

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RIT 900

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$62.25 to $786.20

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

Sterling Rope RIT 900 Info

The RIT 900 is a 6.8mm hollow braid construction search line.

Heat resistant to 932 Fahrenheit

Sterling Rope RIT 900, Specifications

Elongation at 10% MBS 4.00%
MBS lbs (kN) 4,200 (18.7)
Safe Working Load 420 lbs
Weight (lbs/100') 1.9

Sterling Rope RIT 900, Features

    • Compact, supple, easy to knot, and extremely durable
    • Easier to handle than webbing with gloved hands
    • Great for primary or personal search lines
    • High resistance abrasion, cuts, and chemicals such as acids and alkalis
    • Optimal tagline used in conjunction with Thermal Imaging Cameras

Sterling Rope RIT 900, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: F068AA0015
      Description: RIT 900 6.8mm x 50' (15.5M)
    • Item No.: F068AA0046
      Description: RIT 900 6.8mm x 150' (46M)
    • Item No.: F068AA0092
      Description: RIT 900 6.8mm x 300' (92M)
    • Item No.: F068AA0183
      Description: RIT 900 6.8mm x 600' (183M)
    • Item No.: *F068AA0200
      Description: RIT 900 6.8mm x 660' (200M)