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Sterling Rope 3/8 in. GrabLine

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

Sterling Rope 3/8 in. GrabLine Info

Grabline is Sterling Rope's high tensile strength 9.5mm Waterline with a "grip-able", tread-like sheath. These ropes also feature a nylon core, which provides strength without sacrificing its supple nature.

Sterling Rope 3/8 in. GrabLine, Specifications

A NFPA1983,2006 certified product Yes
Elongation at 300 lbs 4.20%
MBS lbs (kN) 3,282 (14.6)
Weight (lbs/100') 3.1

Sterling Rope 3/8 in. GrabLine, Features

    • Better hand traction makes it easier to grab, hold, and throw
    • Certified to NFPA 1983, 2006 edition - Throwlines
    • Typical throwlines are slippery, Grabline solves this problem with its unique tread-like sheath construction.

Sterling Rope 3/8 in. GrabLine, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: G095090092
      Description: 3/8" Grabline Yellow x 300' (92M)
    • Item No.: G095090183
      Description: 3/8" Grabline Yellow x 600' (183M)
    • Item No.: G095090023
      Description: 3/8 in Grabline Yellow x75(23M)
    • Item No.: G095090061
      Description: 3/8" Grabline Yellow x200' (61M)
    • Item No.: G095090200
      Description: 3/8" Grabline Yellow x660' (200M)