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Sterling Rope 10mm SafetyPro

All from Sterling Rope

10mm SafetyPro from: Sterling Rope
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P/N Description List Price Sale Price  
SP1000400501 10mm SafetyPro x 165apos; (50M) $ 142.15 $ 142.15
SP1000400612 10mm SafetyPro x 200apos; (61M) $ 170.55 $ 170.55
SP1000400923 10mm SafetyPro x 300apos; (92M) $ 258.95 $ 258.95
SP1000401834 10mm SafetyPro x 600apos; (183M) $ 509.90 $ 509.90
SP1000402005 10mm SafetyPro x 660apos; (200M) $ 557.25 $ 557.25

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

Sterling Rope 10mm SafetyPro Info

Manufactured to meet the demands of work and rescue professionals, the 10mm SafetyPro has balanced construction and is ideal for rappel and tag tag lines.

Sterling Rope 10mm SafetyPro, Specifications

Diameter 10mm
Elongation 50 kg to 150 kg 3.20%
EN 1891 Type A
Impact force@fall factor 0.3 5.5kN
NFPA_1983, 2006 certified Light use
Number of factor 1 falls >5
Sheath percentage 40.30%
Sheath slippage 0.30%
Shrinkage in water 2.90%
Static strength 25.8kN
Static Strength with figure 8 knot 19.1kN
Weight per meter 62.5 g/M

Sterling Rope 10mm SafetyPro, Features

    • 100% nylon low stretch kernmantle
    • A great alternative for top-rope lines in climbing gyms
    • Certified to NFPA 1983, 2006 Life Safety Rope - Light use
    • Ideal for SAR teams, fire departments, and military as a lightweight line
    • Note: tracer colors are subject to change.

Sterling Rope 10mm SafetyPro, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: SP100040050
      Description: 10mm SafetyPro x 165' (50M)
    • Item No.: SP100040061
      Description: 10mm SafetyPro x 200' (61M)
    • Item No.: SP100040092
      Description: 10mm SafetyPro x 300' (92M)
    • Item No.: SP100040183
      Description: 10mm SafetyPro x 600' (183M)
    • Item No.: SP100040200
      Description: 10mm SafetyPro x 660' (200M)