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RSI Deluxe Field Kit

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RSI Deluxe Field Kit Info

This kit contains the equipment needed for most rope based rescue operations. Everything for anchoring, lowering, raising, belaying, etc. is included. The kit contains the following items:

150 feet 1/2" Superline Rope
150 feet 1/2" Blueline Rope
2 - 1/2" Rope Grabs
2 - Wide Rope Pads
1 - 6 foot Anchor Sling
10 - 12mm large "D" Steel Carabiners
1 - RSI Rescue Rack
20 feet - type 18 1" webbing
1 - RSI S.A.R. Pack
1 - small Orange rope bag
1 - small Blue rope bag
3 - 2" diameter rescue pulleys
30 feet - 5mm accessory cord
1 - 10 foot Anchor Sling
2 - 5 foot Omni-Slings
1 - Rescue "8" Descender
11 feet - 8mm Prusik cord
30 feet - 1/2" Techline Rope

Field Kit Photograph for the purposes of illustration only. RSI Deluxe Field Kit contents listed above.

RSI Deluxe Field Kit, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: RSI-807250
      Description: Deluxe Field Kit