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PMI Industries SMC Compact U Rack

All from PMI Industries

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

PMI Industries SMC Compact U Rack Info

SMCs new Compact U Racks has many advantages over other small U racks beyond SMCs quality manufacturing. The ingenious design prevents the bars from sliding around the bottom of the rack, allowing all but the top bar to be hinged for much faster and easier rigging on your rope. The standard rack width allows it to be rigged on two ropes. The upper and lower tie off bars provide a greater variability of friction and secure tie off.

Key Features:
Stainless steel body and bars
Compact Size
Can be rigged with 2 ropes
Secure tie off
Weight:: 1.66 lbs (753 g)

PMI Industries SMC Compact U Rack, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: SM14400N
      Description: Compact U Rack