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PMI Industries SMC 3 inch PMP

All from PMI Industries

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

PMI Industries SMC 3 inch PMP Info

The unique shape of SMCs aluminum side plates allow the efficient use of Prusik hitches as a belay or progress capture device. Constructed with a 3 (76mm) diameter (2.5 tread) sheave running on a high efficiency ball bearing, and low profile fasteners help eliminate the possibility of the pulley snagging. Large top hole easily accepts 3 large carabiners. Designed for use with 11mm to 13mm ropes in conjunction with 7mm to 9mm Prusik cords.

MBS: Single: 8,542lbf (38kN)
MBS: Double: 13,488lbf (60kN).
Size: 6 x 4

PMI Industries SMC 3 inch PMP, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: SM158000N
      Description: 3 inch Pulley, SINGLE
    • Item No.: SM158500N
      Description: 3 inch Pulley, DOUBLE