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PMI Industries Alpine Brake Tube

All from PMI Industries

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

PMI Industries Alpine Brake Tube Info

New and improved version of the original. Used commonly in the Rocky Mountains where lowering distances are long but long ropes are impractical to carry, the Alpine Brake Tube is an excellent choice for running multiple ropes through a single device, and for passing knots. This improved version is bead blasted and anodized for long wearing friction, and offers tie-off capability. It also has risers on the bottom to keep it off the ground while in use. Made of thick aluminum tubing and stainless steel, the Brake Tube is a useful alternative for lowering heavy loads. Works with virtually any size life safety rope. Not to be used for rappelling.

PMI Industries Alpine Brake Tube, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: HD26048
      Description: Brake Tube, Alpine