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Nupla Featherlight Pike Pole

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Nupla Featherlight Pike Pole Info

Pike Poles are popular with fire departments around the country. Featherlight handles, with their lighter honeycomb core construction, provide the same strength with an ounce weight savings over heavier Super Duty models. Wide range of lengths from 3 ft. to 25 ft.

Nupla fire tools are renowned for their strength, safety and durability and are available with two sturdy handle styles Super Duty and Featherlight - with ergonomic grip options. All fire tools are installed with Genuine Nuplaglas fiberglass handles using patented pultrusion technology.

Nupla Featherlight Pike Pole, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: 36206
      Description: 6 Foot Pike Pole
    • Item No.: 36208
      Description: 8 Foot Pike Pole
    • Item No.: 36210
      Description: 10 Foot Pike Pole
    • Item No.: 36212
      Description: 12 Foot Pike Pole