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Mayday Industries Urban Road Warrior - 21 Piece Kit

All from Mayday Industries

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

Mayday Industries Urban Road Warrior - 21 Piece Kit Info

This kit fits most all road emergency situations. All items are packed in a heavy-duty backpack.

Kit contains:
30 Minute High-Intensity Light Stick
Tow Rope
Auto Spot Light
Jumper Cables
First Aid Kit
Flashlight with Batteries
Fire Extinguisher
Solar Blanket
Waterproof Poncho
Swiss Style Army Knife
Flat Tire Fixer
Drinking Water
Leather Gloves
Duct Tape
Utility Knife
Emergency Instructions and Help Sign
Wet Naps
Reflecting Triangle
Distress Banner

Weight 11 lbs.

Mayday Industries Urban Road Warrior - 21 Piece Kit, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: AA01
      Description: Urban Road Warrior 21 piece kit