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Lakeland NOMEX 7.5 Oz MTS Custom B2 Battalion

All from Lakeland

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Lakeland ChemMax 3 - Chemical Protection Suit - Heat Sealed

All from Lakeland

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Contact and Other Info
  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

Lakeland NOMEX 7.5 Oz MTS Custom B2 Battalion Info

The Attack Series is Fyrepel’s traditional style
of turnout gear. Attack features a longer
35” coat and waist high pants. New MTS
patterns have revolutionized the way Attack
feels and wears. Superior mobility is key, with
unrestricted movement while crouching,
bending or reaching. You can
MTS Attack gear
to fit your needs and
company requirements. See our “Materials
and Options” pages for more details.

Lakeland NOMEX 7.5 Oz MTS Custom B2 Battalion, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: MTS-BPC-02
      Description: NOMEX 7.5 oz - MTS Battalion Jacket