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Groves Tilting Hose Turntable

All from Groves

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Contact and Other Info
  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

Groves Tilting Hose Turntable Info

Mobile Hose Turntable rolls tight coils and drains hose, efficiently and smoothly.

This TT-27 Model can be used to reload hose in the horizontal position.

All steel Construction with durable red powder coat finish.

32"L x 28"D x 37"H

27" Diameter Table.

Groves Tilting Hose Turntable, Features

    • Mobile on Casters with Foot Lock
    • Position Horizontal (reloader)
    • Position Vertical (coils and drains)
    • Table slants up to 90 degrees with turn of handle

Groves Tilting Hose Turntable, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: TT-27
      Description: Tilting Hose Turntable