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Groves SCBA Mobile Bottle Cart

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Groves SCBA Mobile Bottle Cart Info

SCBA Mobile Bottle Cart

Chrome plated unit provides safe and organized storage for SCBA cylinders. Mobile cart can be easily rolled allowing you to unload empty bottles and reload apparatus easily and efficiently. Two casters have foot operated brakes. Standard units available hold 16 - 42 bottles or custom designed to fit your specifications.

MBR-16, 24"D x 36"L x 38"H, 4 shelf, holds 16 bottles
MBR-24, 24"D x 36"L x 59"H, 6 shelf, holds 24 bottles
MBR-28, 24"D x 36"L x 68"H, 7 shelf, holds 28 bottles
MBR-36, 24"D x 48"L x 59"H, 6 shelf, holds 36 bottles
MBR-42, 24"D x 48"L x 68"H, 7 shelf, holds 42 bottles

Available in freestanding units as well. Call for pricing.

Groves SCBA Mobile Bottle Cart, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: MBR-16
      Description: 4 Shelf, 16 bottle capacity
    • Item No.: MBR-24
      Description: 6 shelf, 24 bottle capacity
    • Item No.: MBR-28
      Description: 7 shelf, 28 bottle capacity
    • Item No.: MBR-36
      Description: 6 shelf, 36 bottle capacity
    • Item No.: MBR-42
      Description: 7 shelf, 42 bottle capacity