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Groves Hose Winder

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

Groves Hose Winder Info

Easy mounting to hose carts or hose tower.

Groves Hose Winder, Features

    • Fits racks with 2 1/2 inch sq. tube frame
    • For 1 inch to 4 inch Hose
    • Optional trailer hitch mount for truck
    • Roller Guide removes air and water as you roll on small diameter hoses
    • Save time and manpower with one person operation
    • When not in use, winder collapses to less than 6 inches deep
    • Winds tight coils or donuts

Groves Hose Winder, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: HW-1
      Description: Hose Winder
    • Item No.: TM-2
      Description: Trailer Hitch Mount