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FoxFury Nomad 360 Portable Scene Light

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FoxFury Nomad 360 Portable Scene Light Info

The FoxFury Nomad 360 is the ultimate scene light. Its portable, rechargeable, self contained and gives the option of a 360 degree scene light or a powerful 12 degree spotlight. This 7,000 torch lumen light offers 3-20 hours of light (3 light intensities). The cordless Nomad 360 can be set up in 20 seconds and stows as a 38.5 tube that fits in the trunk of a car. Ideal for use at multivehicle accidents, crime scenes, security and as a command post light

FoxFury Nomad 360 Portable Scene Light, Specifications

Light Emissions 7,000 torch lumen (87,920 candle power) 12 spotlight or 360 area / scene light Color Te
Features 12 white LEDs Deploys in under 20 seconds Head telescopes up to 99" (251.5 cm) H
3 Modes Low: 1,000 lumen Medium: 2,300 lumen High: 7,000 lumen
Durability All-weather Impact resistant
Physical Characteristics Weight: 23.0 lbs (10.5 kg) Size (closed position): Diameter: 4.6" (11.7 cm)
Battery Rechargeable lithium-ion 200WH battery system Battery Life: Low Intensity: 20 hours
Warranty 24 Months

FoxFury Nomad 360 Portable Scene Light, Item Numbers

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