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Evac Systems Rope Bag

All from Evac Systems

Rope Bag

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$18.99 to $75.99

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

Evac Systems Rope Bag Info

EVAC Systems Rope Bags are made of rugged, water-resistant 1000 Denier Cordura nylon.

X-Small Bag - 8"W x 10"H, Holds 50 ft. of 1/2" rope
Small Bag - 8"W x 18"H, Holds 150 ft. 1/2" nylon rope
Medium Bag - 10.5"W x 21"H, Holds 225 ft. of 1/2" rope
Large Bag - 10.5"W x 27"H, Holds 325 ft. of 1/2" rope
X-Large Bag - 14"W x 27"H, Holds 500 ft. of 1/2" rope
XX-Large Bag - 17"W x 26"H, Holds 600 ft. of 1/2" rope
3XL Bag - Holds 1000 ft of 1/2" rope
4XL Bag - Holds 1200 ft of 1/2" rope

Available with rope included. Please call for pricing.

Evac Systems Rope Bag, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: EP406
      Description: X-Small Rope Bag
    • Item No.: EP402A
      Description: Small Rope Bag, Size A, 8 inx20 in
    • Item No.: EP402B
      Description: Small Rope Bag, Size B, 8 inx17.5 in
    • Item No.: EP403
      Description: Medium Rope Bag
    • Item No.: EP404
      Description: Large Rope Bag
    • Item No.: EP405
      Description: X-Large Rope Bag
    • Item No.: EP407
      Description: 2XL Rope Bag
    • Item No.: EP408
      Description: 3XL Rope Bag, ORANGE ONLY
    • Item No.: EP409
      Description: 4XL Rope Bag, RED ONLY