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Evac Systems RIT Tool Carrier Staging Mat

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

Evac Systems RIT Tool Carrier Staging Mat Info

Systems has taken the Rit Tool Carrier Staging Mat to a new level of convenience. The staging mat is a large 55" x 67" mat. On one end are 5 pockets designed to hold such things as:flat head pick head axes. Bolt cutters, pipe pulls Hallagan tool. The other side is a staging mat for Rit accessories such as rope, imaging cameras, lights, RIT bag etc. Made of durable orange Cordura. The mat rolls up to an approximate 34"x 16" and is secured with two deluxe carrying handles at each end to allow two firefighters comfortable transport.

Evac Systems RIT Tool Carrier Staging Mat, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: EP030
      Description: Tool Carrier Staging Mat