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Evac Systems H*A*R*P - High Angle Rescue Pak

All from Evac Systems

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

Evac Systems H*A*R*P - High Angle Rescue Pak Info

The H-A-R-P offers the truck and heavy rescue team the highest level of effectiveness available for equipment storage and quick retrieval. This Pak organizes, inventories, and protects your team's gear, and you can backpack, hoist, or carry this Pak slung over your shoulder. Complete "loaded" packs are also available. Carries 400 ft. of half-inch rope. Internal volume is 4800 cui.

Bag only.

* Complete kit available. Call for pricing.

Color: Blue

Evac Systems H*A*R*P - High Angle Rescue Pak, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: EP300
      Description: H*A*R*P - High Angle Rescue Pak