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Delsar Life Detector LD3

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Life Detector LD3 from: Delsar
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P/N Description List Price Sale Price  
6020-01-0021 2 Sensor Seismic-Acoustic Listening System, LD3-2 $ 8,715.00 $ 8,715.00
6020-01-0042 4 Sensor Seismic-Acoustic Listening System, LD3-4 $ 11,525.00 $ 11,525.00
6020-01-0063 6 Sensor Seismic-Acoustic Listening System, LD3-6 $ 14,100.00 $ 14,100.00
6020-01-0164 6 Sensor Seismic-Acoustic Listening System w Delsar Victim Simulator (Thumper) $ 14,930.00 $ 14,930.00

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Delsar Life Detector LD3 Info

The Delsar LifeDetector is a seismic/acoustic listening device designed specifically to detect and locate trapped live victims in collapsed structures caused by earthquakes, explosions, landslides, mine disasters or construction cave-ins.

Rescue teams around the world have relied upon the LifeDetector for over 15 years to rapidly detect and locate victims of collapsed buildings. The LifeDetector essentially converts the entire collapsed structure into a large sensitive microphone to pinpoint signals from the entombed victims. The seismic and acoustic sensors of the system convert vibrations created by the live victim into audible and visual signals. The new Delsar LifeDetector Model 3 builds on our vast experience gained from years of real life rescues. The LD3 is smaller, lighter and more sensitive, with new features designed to make victim detection and location easier and more accurate. The new LifeDetector is built for reliability and the ability to withstand days of continuous use at the disaster site.

Sensor Inputs: 2 strings
Seismic Sensor: 2
Acoustic Sensor: 1
Visual Display: Up to all two sensors simultaneously
Audio Output: 1 headphone outputs
Frequency Range: 1 Hz - 3000 Hz

Filter range:
Low: High pass 100 Hz >
AC: Notch 50/60 HZ
High: Low pass 600 Hz<
Record Capacity: 300 second loop, indexed to 15 second blocks
Auxiliary Output: Provides audio, chart recorder and remote control function capability

Position sensitivity: Can be used in any position
Sealing: IP67 (water and dust tight)
Shock resistant: >1000g
Freq. response: 1 Hz to 3000 Hz

Sealing: IP67 (water and dust tight), microphone must be dry for operation
Freq. response: 200 Hz to 3000 Hz
Options: Telescoping Probe

Type: Disposable Lithium cells (CR123)with adapter
Endurance: 2 - 6 hours depending on number of sensors
Optional Kit: Rechargeable Lithium Ion tube pack, battery charger, power supply and power cord

Delsar Life Detector LD3, Specifications

Control Console Dimensions 3 in. W x 3.55 in. H x 6 in. D (152mm x 127 mm x 83mm)
Control Console Weight 1lbs (1Kg) without disposable battery tube
Seismic Sensor Dimensions 3.5 in. Diameter x 2.6 in. H (89mm x 66mm)
Seismic Sensor Weight 16.5 oz (.466Kg)
Acoustic Sensor Dimensions 1.625 in. D x 6 in. L (41mm x 152mm)
Sensor Cable Length 30.2 feet (10M)
Case Dimensions 21 in. L x 15 in. W x 7 in. D (81cm x 53cm x 31cm)
Case Weight (loaded) 25 lbs (11.3Kg)

Delsar Life Detector LD3, Features

    • Acoustic sensor attaches to sensor cable or can be attached to the optional telescoping probe to enable penetration into layers of debris.
    • Audio loop record function records last five minutes of audio for playback and comparison.
    • Display panel shows relative signal strength of all six sensors simultaneously to allow positive identification of the strongest signal. Peaking meter on each bar indicates highest amplitude reached by each sensor.
    • Dual inputs for increased sensor deployment flexibility. Allows two acoustic search probes to be used simultaneously for stereo comparison.
    • Filters can be selected to reduce interfering noises.
    • Improved cable design speeds setup. Connectors do not have to be aligned for connection and color coding makes locating proper connector simple.
    • Improved headphone design with integrated boom mic for two-way communication through acoustic probes. Also provides intercom feature between two operators.
    • Improved seismic sensor design to increase stability and addition of a connector guard to protect sensor connectors from impact damage.
    • Stereo function allows any two channels to be selected for stereo comparison in headphones.
    • Uses the new Lithium Ion rechargeable battery tube pack as well as disposable cells and the Searchcam belt pack battery system making the Delsar LifeDetector power compatible with hundreds of rescue teams around the world.

Delsar Life Detector LD3, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: 6020-01-004
      Description: 4 Sensor Seismic-Acoustic Listening System, LD3-4
    • Item No.: 6020-01-006
      Description: 6 Sensor Seismic-Acoustic Listening System, LD3-6
    • Item No.: 6020-01-002
      Description: 2 Sensor Seismic-Acoustic Listening System, LD3-2
    • Item No.: 6020-01-016
      Description: 6 Sensor Seismic-Acoustic Listening System w/ Delsar Victim Simulator (Thumper)