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DEUS in.0 in.

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P/N Description List Price Sale Price  
DEUS-O21 DDEUSquot;0quot; #2 Black $ 16.92 $ 16.92
DEUS-O42 DEUS quot;0quot; #4 Black $ 20.44 $ 20.44
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DEUS in.0 in. Info

With a DEUS O as an eye, wear and tear on your ropes from carabiners or other connectors is eliminated. The DEUS O makes ropes safer and saves money, especially if you are using expensive Kevlar or Technora ropes.

The O is a perfect circle of machined aluminum. That means no open ends like conventional thimbles that can cut the rope and cause premature and catastrophic rope failure. Plus, the flange on the O completely envelopes the rope, protecting it from damage. Conventional thimbles protect on the inside curve of the rope only, leaving the rope vulnerable to damage around the perimeter.

The DEUS O is available in two sizes: #2 for 6 - 8 mm rope, and #4 for 10 - 12 mm rope, and both are available in either silver or tactical black.

DEUS in.0 in., Item Numbers

    • Item No.: DEUS-O2
      Description: DDEUS"0" #2 Black
    • Item No.: DEUS-O4
      Description: DEUS "0" #4 Black