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DEUS ROW - Anchors

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DEUS ROW - Anchors from: DEUS
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P/N Description List Price Sale Price  
DR-0732Y-041 DEUS ROW Lt-4ft $ 50.75 $ 50.75
DR-0732Y-062 DEUS ROW Lt-6ft $ 55.91 $ 55.91
DR-0732Y-083 DEUS ROW Lt-8ft $ 78.68 $ 78.68
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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

DEUS ROW - Anchors Info

What kind of anchor connector do you prefer? Do you go with the strength, heat- and cut-resistance of steel, or the flexibility and ease-of-use you get with rope or webbing?

Now you can have it all, with the DEUS Rope-Over-Wire (ROW) Anchor Choker. For non-electrical situations, the DEUS ROW combines the benefits of synthetic rope anchor connectors with the features of steel cable.

Each DEUS ROW is constructed of galvanized steel wire cable, then sheathed in braided polyester rope. Get everything you need without the worries: flexibility (even a Kleimheist friction hitch is possible), superior edge protection, extreme fire resistance, high visibility and super strength, plus its easy on your hands.

There are two DEUS ROW Anchor Chokers available the G (braided rope over 1/4" galvanized steel cable, available in bright green or tactical black) and the G3 (bright orange rope over 3/8" galvanized steel cable). All are certified by UL to meet NFPA, ANSI, CSA and EN standards. But only the G3 meets the NFPA G standard in three rigging methods: basket, end-to-end and choker. Available in various lengths.

DEUS ROW - Anchors, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: DR-0732Y-04
      Description: DEUS ROW Lt-4ft
    • Item No.: DR-0732Y-06
      Description: DEUS ROW Lt-6ft
    • Item No.: DR-0732Y-08
      Description: DEUS ROW Lt-8ft