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DEUS 3300

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C01-33001 DEUS 3300 $ 1,727.40 $ 1,727.40
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DEUS 3300 Info

The DEUS 3300 is an engineering marvel of safety, simplicity and reliability for single-person emergency escape and rescue. From its compact, lightweight design to the heavy duty construction, speed limited technology and quadruple redundant brakes, the DEUS 3300 is the tower technician's closest ally.
Rated for descents up to 330 ft, the DEUS 3300 is ideal for escape and rescue on wind, electrical, telecommunications or utility towers, as well as tower cranes, bridges or other high structures. Because rope is easily replaced in every DEUS system, the DEUS 3300 is versatile enough to meet a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

The DEUS 3300 operates hands free, both “stop” and “go.” The redundant braking systems and speed limited technology work together to guard against free fall. Plus, it is lightweight and compact enough to be carried with you all the time. This means the DEUS 3300 gives workers at heights the means to rescue themselves and others when things go wrong.

The 3300 is available in a variety of tower kits, providing the foundation for complete escape and rescue solutions.

DEUS 3300, Features

    • Built for Performance. Features a rock-solid case and professional grade construction.
    • Extra, Extra, Extra, Extra Safe. Quadruple-redundant safety with four brakes: a hands-free figure-8, a drum brake, a manual friction brake for precise control, and an automatic centrifugal brake to protect from free fall.
    • Hands Free. Operates fully hands free, stop or go, while protecting you from free fall. Limits descent speed to a safe 3 meters/second maximum – about the same speed as jumping off a chair.
    • Lightweight and Portable. Pocket-sized and just 0.9 kg (plus rope).
    • Proven Reliable. Tested and certified to meet NFPA standards.
    • ses Quality DEUS Rope. The DEUS 3300 is certified for use only with 7.5mm DEUS ropes. These NFPA-certified fire- and cut-resistant kernmantle technical ropes are specifically designed for the DEUS 3300.
    • Simple Operation. The oversized control knob is all you need for complete control, even with heavy gloves. Stop or go and change speed any time during descent.
    • Your All-in-One Rescue System. Use the DEUS 3300 for personal escape and rescue, 2-person rescue, heavy rescue, vertical positioning, confined space rescue, hauling and lifting, and more. The DEUS 3300 is available in a variety of complete kits to supp

DEUS 3300, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: C01-3300
      Description: DEUS 3300