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DEUS 3100

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c01-31001 Deus 3100 Controlled Descent Device $ 1,304.00 $ 1,304.00

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

DEUS 3100 Info

The DEUS 3100 is quite simply the most advanced personal rescue system available for fire and rescue. It is a whole new breed of hands-free technology designed and built to the highest standard of all – saving lives.

The DEUS 3100 delivers a truly superior bailout solution – easier, safer, more practical and completely hands free, both “stop” and “go.” But what really sets it apart from the rest is its amazing versatility, making the DEUS 3100 a complete rescue package. The DEUS 3100 is available as part of a kit, or can be combined with kits for a wide array of emergency and training uses.

The DEUS 3100 is the foundation of complete kits for bailout and rescue, including:

DEUS 3100, Specifications

Descent height 30.4 m (100 ft) max
Load Rating 136 kg (300 lb) max
Descent rate 3 m/sec max
Weight 0.9 kg (plus rope)
Dimensions 13 x 9 x 5 cm (5.3 x 3.5 x 2.1 in)
Operation Hands-free or manual
Construction Aluminum, stainless steel, brass
Standard NFPA 1983 (06-ED) “Escape”

DEUS 3100, Features

    • Built for Performance. Features a rock-solid case and professional grade construction.
    • Extra, Extra, Extra, Extra Safe. Quadruple-redundant safety with four brakes: a hands-free figure-8, a drum brake, a manual friction brake for precise control, and an automatic centrifugal brake to protect from free fall.
    • Hands Free. Operates fully hands free, stop or go, while protecting you from free fall. Limits descent speed to a safe 3 meters/second maximum – about the same speed as jumping off a chair.
    • Lightweight and Portable. Pocket-sized and just 0.9 kg (plus rope).
    • Proven Reliable. Firefighter tested and certified to meet NFPA standards.
    • Simple Operation. The oversized control knob is all you need for complete control, even with heavy gloves. Stop or go and change speed any time during descent.
    • Uses Quality DEUS Rope. The DEUS 3100 is certified for use only with 7.5mm DEUS ropes. These NFPA-certified fire- and cut-resistant kernmantle technical ropes are specifically designed for the DEUS 3100.
    • Your All-in-One Rescue System. Use the DEUS 3100 for personal rescue, 2-person rescue, heavy rescue, vertical positioning, confined space rescue, hauling and lifting, and more. The DEUS 3100 is available in a variety of complete kits to support specifi

DEUS 3100, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: c01-3100
      Description: Deus 3100 Controlled Descent Device