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CMC Rescue Rescue Lassen Duffel Bags

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

CMC Rescue Rescue Lassen Duffel Bags Info

These heavy-duty round duffel bags easily carry any combination of equipment. Available in three sizes, the small duffel makes a great workout bag and the medium will hold a racquet. A pocket for your name or business card is included, as well as a name tag sewn to the inside. The large duffel has compression straps to make heavier loads easier to handle. We turned one end of the duffel into a zippered pocket to help you keep track of small items. Includes wrap-around CORDURA grip for the handles.

Small Bag:
Length/Diameter 20 x 12 in. (51x30cm)
Volume 2,260 c.i. (37L)
Weight 1 lb, 2 oz (510g)

Medium Bag:
Length/Diameter 26 x 14 in. (66x36cm)
Volume 4,000 c.i. (65L)
Weight 1 lb, 6 oz (624g)

Large Bag:
Length/Diameter 28 x 16 in. (71x41cm)
Volume 6,000 c.i. (98L)
Weight 1 lb, 12 oz (794g)

CMC Rescue Rescue Lassen Duffel Bags, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: 440222
      Description: Bag, Lassen Duffel, SMALL Navy
    • Item No.: 440232
      Description: Bag, Lassen Duffel, MEDIUM Navy
    • Item No.: 440242
      Description: Bag, Lassen Duffel, LARGE Navy
    • Item No.: 440223
      Description: Lassen Duffel, Small RED
    • Item No.: 440233
      Description: Lassen Duffel, Medium, RED
    • Item No.: 440243
      Description: Lassen Duffel, Large, RED