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CMC Rescue Rescue 8 Link

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

CMC Rescue Rescue 8 Link Info

The 8 Link is a key component of a rappel technique developed by our Tactical Rappel Class instructors. It allows you to extend your Figure 8 descender further away from your harness to make room for a safety Prusik Hitch below the descender. It attaches to the Figure 8 with a Girth Hitch. Multiple carabiner slots allow proper length adjustment.

CMC Rescue Rescue 8 Link, Features

    • Color: Black
    • Overall strength is 5,000 lbf. (22 KN).
    • Pockets break at 1,100 lbf. (4.9 kN).

CMC Rescue Rescue 8 Link, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: 201202
      Description: Rescue 8 Link