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CMC Rescue Pick Off Kit

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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

CMC Rescue Pick Off Kit Info

The complete set-up to attach a stranded subject to your system for a lowering or rappel based pick off rescue. The Pick Off Strap can be attached to the Victim Harness with a carabiner and everything stored in the bag that comes attached to the harness.

Kit includes:
- 1 CMC ProSeries Victim Harness (UL Classified to NFPA 1983)
- 1 CMC ProSeries Pick Off Strap
- 2 CMC ProTech Manual-Lock Carabiner, Slate (UL Classified to NFPA 1983)
- 2 - 5ft. x 8mm Prusik Cord, Red

CMC Rescue Pick Off Kit, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: 500108
      Description: Kit, Pick Off