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BriteStrike RID(3)-IR

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BriteStrike RID(3)

All from BriteStrike

Tactical Balls® RID-3, Rolling Illuminated Distraction and D,
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  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

BriteStrike RID(3)-IR Info

Tactical Balls® RID-3, Rolling Illuminated Distraction and Disorientation Device were designed for use by police officers™ with no specialized training when you need a little something to get the bad guys attention to focus away from you. Small, lightweight, water resistant and shock resistant, they are concentric and weighted so they will wobble and spin all around when rolled or tossed into a room, then land light up to backlight the bad guy. The bad guy gets distracted and this buys you time to make your move.

BriteStrike RID(3)-IR, Features

    • Batteries: (2 X CR2032 each light) Included
    • Max Output: 2 IR LED's (>13 000 MCD)
    • Modes: On / Off
    • Package Contents: 5 Tactical Balls®, Batteries
    • Runtime: Up To 20 hours

BriteStrike RID(3)-IR, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: 094922785626
      Description: RID(3)-IR