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Bluewater 11mm ENDURO Dynamic Single Rope

All from Bluewater

11mm ENDURO Dynamic Single Rope

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Contact and Other Info
  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

Bluewater 11mm ENDURO Dynamic Single Rope Info

The hard wearing Enduro has been completely redesigned. If you need a tough rope with great specs, this is it! A UIAA fall rating of 16 falls with a weight of only 77 grams per meter makes this the perfect rope for big walls, guiding, programs or other classes.

Bluewater 11mm ENDURO Dynamic Single Rope, Specifications

Diameter: 11mm
Grams Per Meter: 77
Impact Force: 8.5 kN
UIAA Falls Held: 15
Static Elongation: 9.1%
Dynamic Elongation: 34.3%
Sheath Slippage: 4mm

Bluewater 11mm ENDURO Dynamic Single Rope, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: 590150
      Description: 11mm ENDURO, 50m Standard
    • Item No.: 590160
      Description: 11mm ENDURO, 60m Standard
    • Item No.: 590120
      Description: 11mm ENDURO, 200m Standard
    • Item No.: 590250
      Description: 11mm ENDURO, 50m Double Dry
    • Item No.: 590260
      Description: 11mm ENDURO, 60m Double Dry