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Benner-Nawman Security Fastener Driver

All from Benner-Nawman

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Contact and Other Info
  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

Benner-Nawman Security Fastener Driver Info

The tool is used in the communication industry on pin-in-head tamper resistant fasteners.

Benner-Nawman Security Fastener Driver, Specifications

Weight 2.3 oz

Benner-Nawman Security Fastener Driver, Features

    • The tool is constructed with 4 inches carbon-finished shaft and a tough 3 inches blue ABS plastic handle.
    • This is an inexpensive driver for 5/32 inches pin-in-head fasteners.

Benner-Nawman Security Fastener Driver, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: UP-B22
      Description: Security Fastener Driver (5/32")