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Benner-Nawman 3/4 inch Coax Cutter

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Contact and Other Info
  • Phone: (509) 315-8063

Benner-Nawman 3/4 inch Coax Cutter Info

This is the ideal for CATV and telecommunications specialists.

Benner-Nawman 3/4 inch Coax Cutter, Specifications

Weight 15.2 oz

Benner-Nawman 3/4 inch Coax Cutter, Features

    • Made from heavy duty forged steel and heat-treated for long life.
    • Overall length of the tool is 8 inches. Not designed for cutting steel or ACSR.
    • Razor sharp cutting edges will cut up to .750 in. (3/4 in) diameter aluminum and copper coaxial cable.
    • The banana cutter got its name from the distinctly yellow plastic dipped cushioned handles
    • The patented precision ground curved cutting blades are used like a tube cutter.

Benner-Nawman 3/4 inch Coax Cutter, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: UP-B76
      Description: UP-B76 The Banana Cutter