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Advanced Tech Rescue Integral Ice Rescue Kit, 60 piece

All from Advanced Tech Rescue

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Advanced Tech Rescue Integral Ice Rescue Kit, 60 piece Info

The perfect kit for ice and water rescue. This 60 piece ice rescue kit includes gear for 2 swimmers, 2 shore/rope operators, inflatable rescue river board, victim blankets, and much more.

Kit Includes the following:
4-Amphib Boots
4-Mustang Ice Rescue Dry Suit
4-Water/Ice Rescue Gloves
3-50% Wool Blanket
2-53" Tether
4-Mini, LED, Emergency Strobe/Flasher
4-Fox 40 Whistle
2-Gear Bag, BLUE
2-Gear Bag, RED
4-Orange, Blunt Nose, Water Rescue Knife
2-Rescue PFD, Red
2-Rescue PFD, Yellow
2-Swiftwater Helmet, RED
2-Swiftwater Helmet, YELLOW
2-Swim Fins
1-Inflatable River Rescue Board
1-Air Pump for inflatable river rescue board
1-Throw Bag with Rope (75')
3-Omega Locking D 'Biners
2-SMC rescue Pulleys
2-15' sections of 1" webbing in red
1-10' sections of 1" webbing in yellow
2-6' prusik cords (6 mm)
150-of 1/2" Sterling Static Rope
1-Rope Bag (holds 150' of 1/2" rope)
1-Crib Sheet

Advanced Tech Rescue Integral Ice Rescue Kit, 60 piece, Item Numbers

    • Item No.: IIRKT-001
      Description: 60 Piece Ice Rescue Kit